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Experience FirstBank Platinum

Our FirstBank Platinum team provides financial expertise, personalized service and tailored solutions that fit your banking needs. We use a client-centric and team-based approach to service your requests, which means that you’re at the center of everything that we do for you. Let’s put your vision to work. Our goal is to help you reach your financial objectives.

Why FirstBank Platinum?

Customer Centric Service

Work with top-notch professionals who have a proven track record of meeting client requests and providing targeted solutions for high-net-worth clients. You’ve worked for your capital, and now you can rely on the best financial professionals to help you look after it.


Time and Convenience

We understand that you work hard and that you have limited time and a demanding schedule. That’s why we provide you with a banking relationship built on a high sense of expectation and fast delivery. Time is money and we're committed to getting things done for you.


Financial Stability

With over 70 years serving Puerto Rico, the U.S. and the Virgin Islands, FirstBank has been a driving force behind the region’s entrepreneurial spirit and business growth for decades.

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Having a single point of contact is what makes FirstBank Platinum so unique. One team of professionals handles all your personal and, commercial banking needs.

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Perks & Benefits

Perks & Benefits

Enjoy priority service and exclusive access to premium experiences as a FirstBank Platinum client.

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